Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moving and not sure what to do now....

I missed Ginny's Yarn Along this week. But I have some books (and my knitting) laying around. More on that in a bit. The reason for my absence is we recently moved! This past weekend we moved all our belongings to much bigger space! A whole house!! I have trying to cram all the cooking and nesting that I have missed out on these past few months into 5 short days! Baking muffins, cooking family dinners, giving haircuts, trying to organize my girls, playing with the boys, knitting a bit on this pretty bit of fluff  for my future "grandmother's" truck and reading The Dirty Life has kept me very busy. I am loved being so busy. Our Internet  is so spotty and that has been a blessing, for me, anyway. Don't ask my girls their opinion on the subject. It differs. Having NO TV the past few days has been wonderfully peaceful.! Though hearing "I'm Bored" at least twice an hour is not so much fun-- Cooper doesn't like the things I think of him to do....We are all feeling very isolated- especially today. We may venture out for a bit somewhere today. The boys need to some running room-- other than our home.
Now that the bulk of work is over I am at odds- I have no idea what exactly to do now. I feel lost. I have so much I want to do-- so many things I have learned over the last year that I want to implement NOW. I hardly know where to being. Now that I am at the point of being able to do these things that I don't know what to first...which means that I am overwhelmed and I don't do anything! Not good for someone who has now so much still to do. The bathroom floors and fixtures need to be scrubbed, the storage container we are using needs to be unloaded a bit at a time, and dinner will need to be decided on sometime in the next couple of hours.
It will all work itself out, right?