Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yarn Along 6/29/2011

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. ~
**From Ginny's blog**

Hello all! I am still knitting on Summer Love(I am on the sleeves!!) BUT I couldn't hold out any longer-- I have casted on for another project! Reinette -in lovely brown superwash wool. For no one in particular-- just for me, I guess. I haven't done a whole lot of reading or knitting  this week but a book or my needles are never far from my thoughts or my hands.
 Reading-- I am still reading Union Quilters. Again, I am afraid I haven't read much this past week. I did pick up 15 minutes outside at Borders last week. It is a lovely read-- full of ideas for an indoor girl to do with her outdoor boys(they require being outside at least part of the day) and this is a great way to accomplish this! It is really great-- it breaks down the activities into months of the year.
The children and I have been at Vacation Bible School this week! It is in the evening but I feel like the time we wait to go to VBS has been spent getting ready to go to it! The boys have asked every hour, "It is time to go yet?" Which means I have tried to plan activities that will result in that question being asked less! And dinner has been something of a thorn in my side. The first night we had sandwiches-cold sandwishes(ugh). The next night was something more involved(again, ugh...chicken patties) and last night was crockpot night! A pot roast, green beans and potatoes, and italian rice! All dishes were made in 3 crocks! Tonight will be sloppy joes (again, in my beloved crockpot). I am not designing the meals for all of us to eat gathered around the table-- rather for all of us to eat at different times. I am not a fan of this way-- I prefer for us all to eat together. But for a week it will do.
Taylor's(Eldest) birthday is tomorrow- 15 years old! How(and when) did that happen? We will be making a rainbow cake and pigs in a blanket for dinner! I wonder if they can be "crockpotted"? That is what my Little Miss has asked for so that is what we will make.
I, ordered a "new" bible (well, new to me-- I bought used on amazon) so that I can read the Bible in 90 days. I have wanted to join a bible study for a long time and this is a great way to do it. "It is not a study of the Bible, instead it is a read through." Sounds perfect to me!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday afternoon



This is how our walk went.

It was suppose to turn out like this...

But that's turned out great in the end!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yarn Along 6/22/2011

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~*** Taken directly from Ginny's blog

I am still working on the Summer love tee for Mason. I have finished with the length and I am hemming the bottom using a new technique. I picked up the Union Quilters from Jennifer Chiaverini. It was a bit confusing as there were a great deal of characters brought in in the first 10 pages or so BUT a trusty pad of paper with a family tree of sorts and I am good to go! I haven't read any of the other parts of the series but I looked up the author's website and was reassured that book was okay as a stand alone read. It really isn't what I expected-- it is so much better! I can't wait to start reading the series after I am done this book! BUT look out-- I am sure I will be bitten by the quilting bug! That is what happened with knitting-- I read The Knitting Circle after my miscarriage and read some Blossom Street books (I love series books--can you tell?). Decided to pick up some needles and with the help of some friends.
It is dreary here at the lake today-- hot and humid but so dark. I expect the rain at any minute. The kids feel the doom and gloom and are acting accordingly. We will use this time today to run out for some dinner fixings(taco salad) and pick up some new workbooks. The summer bridge books I bought Cooper are just too hard for him. I am concerned that he did not receive the education he would have gotten in MD. I have no idea what he was suppose to learn this past year. I did print out some work for the girls yesterday and Taylor said the work was too hard for her!!!! This coming from my sometimes too bright daughter! I worry that our move might not have been the best for children's education. Taylor(Fish Catcher) was in the top 10% of her class in Maryland-- there was a whole classroom full of Taylors! But here the teachers have no idea how to handle a child of her caliber.

My other daughter, Makenzie,--who I do not speak enough about-- is doing fantastic! Honor roll and learning so much--- if we weren't here in VA she would be suffering in her school work and would be too social. Here she is able to be both and do both incredibly well. I am so relieved she was able to make the change--I didn't realize how hard is was for her at the time. The hurt I inflicted on her by not realizing how much pain she was in, isn't something I am proud of. I always knew the move would be great for her as a student and would make her a better all around person-- with our church and the types of people she would surround herself with here in Virginia-- I knew the move would good for her soul. BUT, the move itself must have been so scary for her. My girl is tough-- moving from a school where she knew everyone from birth and was in the "best social circles" was so very hard for my girl but as Makenzie always does she pulled it off with grace and strength.
Our week is slowly passing-- we are recovering from renting our home and looking into finding a home to fit us all. Not much in the creative process happening-- still growing my hydrangea. Not looking good.... no roots and Adam mention something about mold??? I need to get some batting for my coasters and find quilting scraps-- in storage, of course! Maybe Friday will have all of us in a better mood and more at peace.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Along 6/15/2011

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up. My internet connection has been so slow this evening. It is that time again! Yarn Along @ Small Things I love Wednesdays! It is a time to catch up on what everyone is knitting and reading! Today was the first day we started our summer bridge work. Cooper and I started off on the assessment tests...just to see what we needed to work on. I was surprised that there is much we (Cooper's teacher and myself) haven't touched on this past school year. BUT, as my husband reminded me tonight--- I have all summer long! I just wish everything I needed wasn't in our storage unit. Mason and I read and worked on counting to 5. He counts really well and seems to know how may are in each set just by looking but I really want him to learn number recognition at this point-- not just the order that he repeats them. Mason and I used some super cute math manipulatives --matching the number on the picture to the amount of items needed to match. Cooper joined in with using dice and some paperclips-- very inventive!
I have finished reading The Kitchen House. It was a great read-- a little more vivid then I am use to but gosh it was a page turner! Now I have to start a new book! I am at odds this time around. I was able to snag so many good books I have no idea where to start! I have been picking up and laying down books for the better part of the evening.
My knitting, oh my knitting... I have been madly knitting away... in wonderfully (in the round) stockinette! I have much to knit in terms of the body of the sweater but it is coming along! I hope the measurements aren't off-- I am getting gauge so we will see where I am at next week.
As for crafting-- the quilting bug has hit and I have printed off numerous patterns to quilt some coasters. And I have unearthed some wonderful pillowcases to try my hand at sewing some pillowcase dresses. If only I had a little girl to dress up! But it seems such a waste not to use the pillowcases! I want to get started on all of this but I will finish Mason's sweater first!
I am trying to grow a hydrangea from a trimming! If I haven't said this before-- I have the brownest thumb this side of the Rappahannock River! But I really wanted to bring a part of my husband's family with us when we returned from our visit this past weekend. I think it would just be wonderful to have one of the best parts of Maryland in Virginia. It may not work. But I have my husband (who is the most wonderful landscaper) to help me.
I, also, have a book on hold at our library and have bought some canning jars to try my hand at canning-- my husband thought that was terribly funny when I brought it up! I think what made me decide to jump into and educate myself more about canning is that I visited Fredericksburg this week(all on my own for 1.5 hours!) and walked through the historic part of town and fell in love! I visited Dr Hugh Mercer's Apothecary shoppe  and window shopped at many antique shops! I also visited the Fredericksburg muesum-- both of them!
Just being there that day, I could feel the history! I longed to learn "older ways" of homemaking so that I may teach and pass it on to my little family. I think it would be wonderful to create traditions of "old ways" in our family and as I keep reminding my family--we are pioneers. None of my husband's side of the family have ever lived in Virginia! We are making a fresh start in a place where this place just oozes old world charm and traditions!
I think in Maryland we were "just a family"-- here we have a chance to learn and grow and become closer with each other and our community and with our God.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mason, my Rainbow Boy

A Different Child ~ by Pandora MacMillian

People notice

There's a special glow around you.

You grow Surrounded by love,

Never doubting you are wanted;

Only look at the pride and joy

In your mother's eyes.

And if sometimes

Between the smiles

There's a trace of tears,

One day

You'll understand.

You'll understand

There was once another child

A different child

Who was in her hopes and dreams.

That child will never outgrow the baby clothes

That child will never keep them up at night

Except sometimes, in a silent moment,

When a mother miss so much

That different child.

May hope and love wrap you warmly

And may you learn the lesson forever

How infinitely precious

How infinitely fragile

Is this life on earth.

One day, as a young man or woman

You may see another mother's tears

Another father's silent grief

Then you, and you alone

Will understand

And offer the greatest comfort.

When all hope seems lost,

You will tell them

With great compassion,

"I know how you feel.

I'm only here

Because my mother tried again.
I saw this on Facebook and I didn't know that there were others moms who felt the same way about their Rainbow babies-- I know it was selfish of me. It's funny (not ha-ha funny) that Mason is exactly the way the author wrote. There is a special glow and he does have compassion. He is turning into a thoughtful kind child. He is shy but manages grace in those situations. We call him "The Fish Whisper"(see photo)  I wanted to put it here so that I can save and add it Mason's memories.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn Along 6/08/2011

 Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.

It is the best part of the week for me! I get to write about what I am reading and what I am knitting! We went to the library this morning to pick up some books that were on hold for me and NOW I have plenty of books to read! I am like a kid in a candy store!  Which to read first? I selected The Kitchen House by Kathleen Gissom and from the first page I was drawn in.
I am knitting on Mason's Summer Love shirt. I have had so many issues with this project. None of my problems are the pattern's fault! Too heavy, too short, not enough yarn! So, I went to Hobby Lobby this week, they had a sale on "I Love This Cotton!"--$2.49!  I now have enough yarn and I am knitting like mad as I have a deadline--June 15th! Keep your fingers crossed! The boys spent some time in the lake today-- so I could catch up on reading and knitting.  Taylor (Eldest) couldn't help it and joined in to catch some fish!

We are enjoying each other's company so much lately- sharing little jokes and I swear sometimes she is reading my mind-- much like my husband does.  She is so incredably smart--love math and science!  LOVES soccer! Hates the shorts they sell nowadays because they are too short and doesn't care one whit about boys right now! Besides someone called Alex Pettyfer...  I really could go on and on, she is a good kid and good to her mama-- I am grateful for her. Now she isn't perfect--she has issues.  BUT she makes me proud to call her mine! There are so many more things I could say But I know that she may stumble on it soon and teens don't like it much when moms brag on them.
I have to go for now-- I hear there are ducks down at the dock and fish that need some bread so I am off to help little fingers tear some bread that fish can nibble on!
Please look for next pictures of my other beautiful daughter next week-- she just went to her first formal dance (in 7th grade!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life Lessons

 As I am writing this, I am looking at my son enjoy the day. Playing in the sand, splashing in the water, and using his imagination! He has more imagination in his little finger than any of our little family put together! I love seeing the world with him and listening to him when he thinks no one is! He is my rainbow boy and truly spreads his colors and flare for life to anyone who takes the time to understand him! I have learned so many lessons this week.
To treat everything like a luxury! BOY do I need to remember to do that! Mostly I do remember that--I feel like everything in our life is a luxury, right down to the bread we eat!
Listen to what I should do! I do think if I listened to what I should do I would being listen to what God wants me to do. I need to listen to that voice more and question it less!
Most important,  I should live simply. Enjoy the here and now. I expect too much and I expect everything I do should have some significance. I look too much into things.
Mason and I were laying on our bellies today looking at the fish in the lake. Things that were going through my head were laundry, dishes, the mess I left behind when Mason and I left to come down to the dock, and my house we need to rent so that we rent one ourselves. Daily things I concentrate(dwell) on.We didn't see very many fish, at first, and then I really looked! There were so many! I looked into the water and watched the life going on under my feet!  I realized I need to look at events, the things, that come into my life simply. Enjoy them for what they are. Stay in the moment-- the way I did with Mason and the fish watching. Stay until he gets bored :) If felt right to stay in that moment with Mason and talk about how they move(swim) and counting them.
I get it now-- enjoy the moment! Relish in it! Bask in it!
Tomorrow Yarn along!!!

From The Creative Family “Creativity goes deeper than the ‘art’ sense of the word; it encompasses a whole way of living and being. Gratitude, and recognizing gratitude, can have a powerful effect on our whole lives. When we feel grateful, we feel full — full of love, full of inspiration, full of ideas, and full of creative spirit.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn Along June 1, 2011

My favorite part oof the week! Posting what I am reading and knitting and getting to see what other knitters(or crocheters) are working on! Knitting this week has been a challenge. I love knitting and learning new techniques SO I was super excited to be chosen to test knit a new sweater tee for Mason. My new techinque was finishing the hem top down and casting off at the same time! Very fustrating but worth it! Thank goodness I stumbled onto this blog! I always try to be a careful knitter--getting gauge is always a challenge for every knitter and is something I strive for. Usually I am pretty good at it. BUT choosing the right wool is always a challenge. I love using what I want to knit with and not always what I should knit with.  That said, I had to cast on using different yarn-- closer to what the pattern calls for. What I used in last weeks picture is wonderful and feels delightful but isn't suitable for a summer top. I will have to frog what I have knit so far. Sad and very unsatisfying and it has left me in a snit for the last couple of days. But it is important to knit something that will be serviceable. It will be fabulous, in the end! Will Mason wear it? That will remain to be seen. 
Guilty pleasures from my bookshelf this week. I have been reading patterns this week....glorious patterns that I don't need but love so much! Dakine came out with a new pattern-- always an auto buy for me! And it is longies pattern--woohoo!!! I bought a new pattern for Mason and Cooper for a Fisherman sweater that I can not wait to buy the wool and knit up for each of them.  I picked up a new magazine for my crockpot and the recipes look delicious and simple! We will be eating very well this summer!
In celebration of Memorial Day we visited the Battle of Chancellorville
 in Fredericksburg. This is the second battlefield Adam, Mason, and I have visited together. I will admit to LOVING this time with my husband and my youngest. It is a special time that my husband understands(and tolerates). He knows how it effects me and what it means to me to walk onto a battlefield or see a letter written by Abraham Lincoln and having Mason to cuddle and walk and explore with is a really wonderful time. This time it was hot and the others were miserable(and not good sports) but I loved it and was sorry when I was forced it was time to leave. Standing on the same ground as our ancestors did before us and knowing what they did to secure our rights(and the sacrifices made) always has a way of humbling me.