Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back at it again!

Hello all! I read somewhere that bloggers usually give up blogging after 3 months. I didn't think that would be me-- I think I just got overwhelmed! I have decided to take up blogging again and I don't plan not to give up anytime soon! There is so much I want to share and I want to catch up with all my fellow bloggers-- I have missed so much!
I have been knitting and "homeschooling" our last bean! Mason can not count to 5--woohoo!! AND the most shocking--in case you haven't heard-- is that We moved to Virginia. November 1st, 2010! We happily "wintered" in our new state!
I have been online sporadically, at best. I facebook a little and been hanging at ravelry bit. My television watching has diminished. If it is not on Disney Channel I am not watching it! One of things I am going to start doing is blogging each week on what I am reading and knitting-- since I do both obsessively this is a great way to get me to check in each week. I created a Flickr account(aren't I fancy?!) I am so psyched about this-- It all started when I was reading Ginny blog!
I got inspired and decided to add my own photo! I love seeing what everyone is knitting and reading. I love knowing there are other knitters out there. I am reading Family History by Dani Shapiro. There is much mystery surrounding what happened to place the couple's daughter in a school for behavioral issues. And I knitting up a sweet little summer raglan for Mason with Family Roots Christmas Orange colorway! I love the colors as they are knitting up!
I am on the fence on homeschooling Cooper. I have been dwelling on it all year. I really want to and I know I could teach him so much academically but socially he would suffer. I am not as social(even on my best day!) as Cooper is! BUT I would like to give it a try with him. There are so many groups and activities to do with other homeschoolers that we could go out each day, if we chose, but I am not sure if I would make a conscious effort all the time.
I wish you all could have been with me today! Mason and I had a great morning-- we played at the beach! Can you imagine playing in the sand on a school day? It was beautiful. Lord have Mercy-- I love (NO I ADORE) where I live. I feel like I have always been here! When Rhett tells Scarlett that she gets her strength from Tara-- well I feel like that here in this place. I breath in the air and look around and feel myself settle down inside. I feel peace and I find myself so inspired so often.


  1. Hey Friend! Glad to see you are back. Virginia! I bet that sun soaks up any kind of depression! And the beach, how fun. Now you wouldn't find me there. Jaws did me in for the ocean. On top of that, my son LOVES River Monsters on the Animal Planet Channel and I don't think I will be swimming in the river anymore.
    I still cannot knit. I've tried...I get frustrated and put it down. I do crochet but I have to keep it small like dish cloths and baby blankets. I do prefer the dishcloth. I can do one in an hour and I'm done. My ADD doesn't have time to kick in.
    Today I'm going to Tractor Supply for a live animal trap. I have escaped bunnies running all over my barn. I'll blog about it later.
    Take care, I'll keep reading your updates.

    1. Which type of animal trap you used? Did that work well? I use live animal traps form Pest Mall. Which brand you like most? @Domestic Goddess


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