Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yarn Along 12/21/2011

Following Ginny with this week's yarn along. Sorry I didn't participate las week. We had our Youth party for our church and it was a blast! I think my feet didn't stop moving all day!

Same book, only the knitting has changed. I was knitting up a herringbone cowl for a bit of Christmas knitting. BUT after casting on for the 4th time and having to frog back too many times I threw my knitting across the room! And cast on an adaption of Annie -cast on 110 stitches using bulky weight and the broken rib stitch pattern. I sure do hope she likes it. I can not believe I let a knitting pattern get the best of me! The pattern wasn't difficult but making mistakes within the knitting is costly. I am disappointed that I gave up and even more that I lost my temper. And I am knitting something that well, it isn't the herringbone cowl and really nothing would give me joy except knitting/mastering that cowl....
Can't wait to catch with everyone!


  1. I can understand...I will knit, but have yet to try anything like herringbone. I get easily frustrated and prefer to crochet! Looks like your cowl will still be very nice once finished.

  2. That book looks intriguing...

  3. I admit I got frustrated with my knitting too. I think it can be so frustrating when it happens.

  4. So many times I have thrown knitting across the room too... Give it a bit and come back to it, then you will pick it up and you'll have no problem at all! You'll wonder why you even put it down in the first place.

    Thank you for such a sweet comment - It is just my belly, so I guess I'm safe! ;)

    Merry Christmas!


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