Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Along 1/18/2012

Hello All! Joining Ginny at Small Things. It has been a busy week! I haven't even had time to start anything I normally do! My laundry is falling behind and I do need to vacuum. But the dishes and the kids are happy so it isn't too bad, I suppose. We were so busy celebrating MLK Jr. Day that all chores fell to wayside. Boy, was it a fun day! Lots of crafting- so much I told my husband I am a little crafted out! BUT it was fun! We painted paper plates and made doves and cut out beautiful snowflakes. We talked briefly about Mr. King and all he accomplished. There was a crossword (age appropriate-even for my high schooler) Now I am in a mad rush to refocus and try to settle my littlest into a rhythm. He sure does need it. He(I mean, WE) is so much for happier when we are doing something.
This week I am still working on the Thistle Hat. It is a great pattern but I just haven't found time to settle in. Each round I feel like I did it wrong and I "tink" back. Slow going...
The reading this week I am very excited about! I found a treasure! Who knew my library had a copy, not me! I love it. It really is a enchanting. I am enjoying it very much.
Did you notice the felt animals above the book? I made them! I taught myself the blanket stitch! They aren't perfect but then the sewer isn't either. We are reading the Little Red Hen this week and using these as a prop. I used felt farm animals from Luckypennymake She is one of ravelry friends and I read her blog each week and I never knew she sold on etsy! She has lots of nifty patterns. They came together really quickly. And I am also sewing up a Christopher Columbus outfit for my second grader's wax museum project! If you have ideas please send them to me! Especially about a tri-corner hat.
I can't wait to catch up with everyone and see what they are reading and knitting!
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  1. I love what you did with the felt farm! Those animals are so cute! And kudos to you for your blanket stitch :)
    - Barbara


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