Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yarn Along 04/04/2012

Hello All! I am here again joining Ginny from Small Things. I am still working Phoebe's wardrobe. This week I cast on for Phoebe's sweater.  I cast on Sunday but I had to "frog" --it was turning out way too big for one so tiny. I had to cast on using smaller needles--which meant I had to reorganize my needles and my UFO's. Which now, is thankfully a smaller pile, my UFO's, I mean. I still can't find my size 8's. So I am using 16 inch size 8's and my stitches keep falling off as I think my little sweater is too big for for the needles but at least I am getting gauge now- I am such a loose knitter!
I have knit a pair of Mary Janes of Phoebe!  Every girl should have a pair of shoes-right? I got the pattern by visiting here.  Kristy is so sweet and replied to my private message so quickly! These shoes only take a couple of rows and you will have a seamless pair of shoes in no time!
 Please be patient with me--I have yet to attach Little Phoebe's ears. The first time it didn't go so well. And I do not want to cut her ears off again. It wasn't pretty. I think am more worried about her ears than her sweet face(which is also not finished),
My reading this week is new--Mrs. Tim of the Regiment. This title kept coming up this week as I was reading some blogs and it sounds delightful!I will let you know more next week.
Are you ready for Easter? Sadly I am not. I haven't even started. And it will be here in a couple of days!There are no decorations, no baskets, nothing. Easter is always a sad holiday for me. I hate thinking of the suffering Jesus did for us.But I am enjoying welcoming in Spring! Have you ever seen so much purple?!
Can't wait to catch up with everyone.


  1. I hope you get the time to get ready for Easter! the doll is cute and I love her little dress :)

  2. I am so unprepared for Easter - physically and spiritually. It just kind of sneaked up on me this year. I'm hoping I can get it together a bit over the next couple of days.

  3. that is an adorable doll, must be so fun to knit!

  4. Oh how cute!! I need to get my hands on a copy of that book and make a Phoebe for my daughter!!

  5. She's very unlikely to grow into it either! That's my standard approach on sizing. Looking forward to seeing her with ears. Oh and a face too.

  6. I MUST get myself a copy of Phoebe's Sweater...I think saving up my Amazon gift cards is in order! I also am WAY behind with Easter preparations...tomorrow I'm hoping to remedy that. Good luck to you.


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