Friday, June 10, 2011

Mason, my Rainbow Boy

A Different Child ~ by Pandora MacMillian

People notice

There's a special glow around you.

You grow Surrounded by love,

Never doubting you are wanted;

Only look at the pride and joy

In your mother's eyes.

And if sometimes

Between the smiles

There's a trace of tears,

One day

You'll understand.

You'll understand

There was once another child

A different child

Who was in her hopes and dreams.

That child will never outgrow the baby clothes

That child will never keep them up at night

Except sometimes, in a silent moment,

When a mother miss so much

That different child.

May hope and love wrap you warmly

And may you learn the lesson forever

How infinitely precious

How infinitely fragile

Is this life on earth.

One day, as a young man or woman

You may see another mother's tears

Another father's silent grief

Then you, and you alone

Will understand

And offer the greatest comfort.

When all hope seems lost,

You will tell them

With great compassion,

"I know how you feel.

I'm only here

Because my mother tried again.
I saw this on Facebook and I didn't know that there were others moms who felt the same way about their Rainbow babies-- I know it was selfish of me. It's funny (not ha-ha funny) that Mason is exactly the way the author wrote. There is a special glow and he does have compassion. He is turning into a thoughtful kind child. He is shy but manages grace in those situations. We call him "The Fish Whisper"(see photo)  I wanted to put it here so that I can save and add it Mason's memories.


  1. A beautiful Poem. I think it's really important for you to know that you're not alone. I used to belong to MOPS(mothers of Preschoolers) It was a great group and pretty much all my friends came from that group. We cried together and celebrated together. Some of us had early miscarriages, one mom had a late term loss,another mom lost her 1yr old and another mom lost her 18yr old son two weeks before he was to go to college. We cling to each other and God. It's what pulled me through. We now have Charlie, the chicken King, and he is a delight. I kept saying that God had a special plan for him. There was a reason God took one child but gave me another.
    You Fish Wisperer is adorable!

  2. OMG, that was beautiful and exactly what I needed to read...thank you for sharing this!
    Your picture of your Fish Whisperer is amazing, I love it and will smile everytime I think of it! He is amazing!


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