Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn Along June 1, 2011

My favorite part oof the week! Posting what I am reading and knitting and getting to see what other knitters(or crocheters) are working on! Knitting this week has been a challenge. I love knitting and learning new techniques SO I was super excited to be chosen to test knit a new sweater tee for Mason. My new techinque was finishing the hem top down and casting off at the same time! Very fustrating but worth it! Thank goodness I stumbled onto this blog! I always try to be a careful knitter--getting gauge is always a challenge for every knitter and is something I strive for. Usually I am pretty good at it. BUT choosing the right wool is always a challenge. I love using what I want to knit with and not always what I should knit with.  That said, I had to cast on using different yarn-- closer to what the pattern calls for. What I used in last weeks picture is wonderful and feels delightful but isn't suitable for a summer top. I will have to frog what I have knit so far. Sad and very unsatisfying and it has left me in a snit for the last couple of days. But it is important to knit something that will be serviceable. It will be fabulous, in the end! Will Mason wear it? That will remain to be seen. 
Guilty pleasures from my bookshelf this week. I have been reading patterns this week....glorious patterns that I don't need but love so much! Dakine came out with a new pattern-- always an auto buy for me! And it is longies pattern--woohoo!!! I bought a new pattern for Mason and Cooper for a Fisherman sweater that I can not wait to buy the wool and knit up for each of them.  I picked up a new magazine for my crockpot and the recipes look delicious and simple! We will be eating very well this summer!
In celebration of Memorial Day we visited the Battle of Chancellorville
 in Fredericksburg. This is the second battlefield Adam, Mason, and I have visited together. I will admit to LOVING this time with my husband and my youngest. It is a special time that my husband understands(and tolerates). He knows how it effects me and what it means to me to walk onto a battlefield or see a letter written by Abraham Lincoln and having Mason to cuddle and walk and explore with is a really wonderful time. This time it was hot and the others were miserable(and not good sports) but I loved it and was sorry when I was forced it was time to leave. Standing on the same ground as our ancestors did before us and knowing what they did to secure our rights(and the sacrifices made) always has a way of humbling me.


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