Thursday, November 24, 2011

We have much to be thankful for this year!

On the evening before Thanksgiving I am reflecting on this past year and how we were brought to this new place and over the last year quickly made VA our home. Much like the Pilgrims did many years ago. Although our winter was quite mild compared to past winters and we were fortunate to have the many amenities our fellow ancestors weren't able to have. Lord, how we have enjoyed them! We felt like pioneers sometimes-- embarking on new territories, uncharted land. Sometimes getting lost.
How much our little family has grown over the last year has been a humongous change- (not in number, mind you) but spiritually. I have found much beauty in our little piece of  ground. We watched the seasons change with wonder and watched each other change. We slowed down and (tried to) learn to listened to the quiet calm. We found peace and thankfulness that God brought us here to our new home. We were blessed with all the wonderful people that have touched our lives- past and present. So many opened their hearts to us this year. We are thankful for the food we eat each night and, as we bow our heads tomorrow, we will be reminded how we are thankful that we are all together enjoying the chaos that is mealtime in our home.  Most of all, though, we are thankful for the One who brought us all together.

Thank you all for sharing my life this year. I have learned so much for you- truly, I have. And I look forward to all the adventures next year will bring!


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