Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Along 2/22/12

Joining the Yarn Along this week. Really just a quick drive by post. I am still reading Home Front and liking it very much. I did cast on another project-- what is with me lately! I have casting on-itis. Lots of UFO's hanging around. I am cringing even typing that- I am admitting something that I don't even admit to my family. I have this thing about starting and finishing one project at a time and it seems in the last months I have ignored my own rule!
In any case, the newest project is In Threes.
I am modifying the pattern (which is something I never do!)  If this was for someone I knew, I would buy a long sleeve top and follow the pattern specifically but since I don't know the recipient I wanted it to have long sleeves. Lately, I am always trying to keep people warm and fill their bellies. And I wasn't happy with what was coming off my needle (the sweater was too thin) using one strand of this yarn so I am holding it double. It is a denser fabric but really soft. I am getting 5 stitches per inch instead of the 4.5 the pattern is written for. The "OCD" in me is getting a bit frantic as I don't have gauge but overall I am happy with the outcome and not having a specific sized person in mind helps with the finished outcome, I think. My fellower blogger Kelly has a charity she knits for through her church and I have been wanting to knit for those in need for a long while and to knit for Little Ones is just an added bonus. Don't you love knitting Little Things. Sorry for the rambling....I can't wait to catch up with everyone. And Thank you so much for all the comments- I love each one!


  1. The pink is pretty! I sometimes get into that mode where all I do is cast on, then other times all I do is knit one thing 'til it's done. I'm sure you'll get around to finishing them in time.

  2. The pink is beautiful. I have the opposite problem, I stick with one project until it's done, but then I am bored out of my mind after a bit with the sameness. Maybe I need to throw in some variety. ;)

  3. I ♥ how you have all those UFOs hanging some of those here, too. Yarn UFOs, which my kitten seems to make even more unidentifiable...she thinks they're toys just for her.

  4. I use to have that same rule,but somehow it went out the window. I think it really now just depends on what mood you're in as to what you knit.
    Have a happy yarn along.

  5. I would knit something a little bit bigger than smaller, myself. That way the child can wear it longer. So, I don't think the gauge issue is that big a problem.


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